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What determines the quality of a garment?

When buying luxury garments, having a ‘quality over quantity’ mentality is essential. This process will continuously refine the way you shop by looking at the finer details to understand the value of your purchased garments. Invest in pieces from a boutique or online store so that you create a relationship whereby you will ultimately trust your instincts with every purchase made. The way you shop will be defined by how you have or are starting to buy high-quality pieces of clothing.

They say practice makes perfect, so visit boutique stores and showrooms to feel and try on the garments. This will help you to understand the fit, durability, workmanship and quality of the garments. In no time, you will be more confident in making educated purchase decisions for your growing wardrobe that is filled with luxe pieces that are oh-so-stylish and practical for any day of the week.

With regards to online purchases – considering the above-mentioned – you will also develop a knack for adding luxe pieces to your cart even before you see the price tag. Your eyes will become accustomed to looking at beautifully constructed garments without touching them. The clothing descriptions will also give you an indication of the quality of the garments.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room – what determines the quality of a garment and what exactly should you be looking out for?


Natural fibres (such as cotton, silk, linen, wool etc.) hold better to general wear and tear and are breathable with a copious amount of density. This means that when you hold the garment up to a light, you will not see any transparency from a quality garment because the fabric is tightly woven.


These garment staples are essential for identifying a luxe item of clothing. If there is messy stitching or loose threads, the garment is not made with attention to detail. Metal and wood buttons (when sewn securely) increase the value of the garment. Also, look into the button holes and check if they are tightly stitched so that they don’t expand with every wear.

Lined garments help with the fit of the item of clothing. Partially or unlined garments don’t sit well on the body because they don’t retain the shape. Not all garments need lining, but it’s essential for coats and blazers.

The use of metal zippers is a sign of a good quality garment. They zip more smoothly and hold the garment more securely than plastic zips. Make sure that you look at how tight the stitching is around the zip.

Upon your next quality purchase, be cognisant of the above-mentioned tips so that you understand the value of supporting local brands that make quality garments, just like us at Laud Pulse.

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