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How to invest in luxury fashion pieces

We all try to spend our time wisely, and this is even more relevant now since many of us work from home daily. The pandemic has altered the way we use our time, so it’s important to invest in this luxury commodity – the same way that spending more on luxury clothing is an investment for the long haul.

Why is it important to invest in luxury garments? Here are a few simple tips on building a wardrobe that will look oh so fashionable but still stand the test of time.

Timeless Pieces

Sticking to quality basics when investing in luxury clothing is essential. You want to purchase classic garments that are “worth it” over time. For example, when buying the Laud Pulse Rapturous Kimono, which retails for around R6 450, you buy it because the ‘cost per wear’ is feasible. This means that you will be able to wear the Kimono for many years to come, without losing its quality. The Laud Pulse Rapturous Kimono is made to measure, which means it fits well on your body’s unique shape and its classic look complements all of your wardrobe essentials with ease.

Spend More to Save More

It’s important to understand that spending more on a garment saves you a lot of money in the future. Well-made garments last longer because they are made from quality fabrics, and are designed with greater attention to detail, such as how many stitches per garment (the more stitches, the higher the quality). These items don’t lose their design integrity overnight, which means your treasured garments can be passed on to future generations.

Know What You Love

When investing in luxury fashion pieces, you need to know what you will be living with. Buying items that you will be happy to see and wear almost daily is essential. The art of owning luxury garments is to use them. Do not treat them like treasured gold; they are meant to be functional so that whenever you are going about your day, your confidence is elevated because you look stylish whilst running your errands or just lounging around the house reading your favourite book.

Always remember that having quality and classic pieces is the foundation of an exquisite wardrobe. So shop away ladies, and enjoy finding your next timeless piece that will continue to feed your Carrie Bradshaw moments for many years to come.

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