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Planning Your Daily Outfits

Many of us have 25-hour days. They feel like our bodies are on hyperdrive whilst trying to make sense of what we’ll be making for dinner. It’s all quite chaotic if you ask me. We tend to lose ourselves by creating more problems than solutions, so why don’t we organise our lives a little more?

When it comes to your wardrobe, a little organisation really goes a long way. There are things in our lives that take priority because we invest our time in them. Your wardrobe should be one aspect so that you eliminate the pressure of the strenuous “what am I going to wear?!” cry that most of us go through every day.

Have you ever seen a really stylish person and thought to yourself, “how are they so confident and effortlessly stylish every day?” The holy grail is that they plan their looks the day before. Boom! There you have it. Easy right?

If your answer is a vehement no  you are not alone. Here are simple ways to plan your ensemble without using rocket science as a formula:

Spend 30min – 1hour to plan your outfit. It will lessen the pressure in the morning to rummage through your luxurious garments just for you to find an outfit. Never forget that looking good is an artform. If you need inspiration, listen to music to create a mood. Make it a playful time as opposed to a laborious exercise.

Don’t forget to try on your clothes. It’s important to see what you are pairing everything with. Focus on finding a complete piece as this will be the focal point of your ensemble, then build from it by adding your accent pieces. Add accessories to complete and elevate your look. Remember that proportion is key.

Use your weather application to help guide you in what to wear. Also, consider what you’ll be doing throughout the day so that you are able to modify your look from day to night.

Stick to a routine. If you plan your look at a certain time, try your best to do so at the same time every day. This will create stability when planning your day. When you are done choosing your garments, lay the entire outfit on your bed and take a photo, which will be very handy as a reminder in the morning.

Concentrate on understanding your wardrobe. You generally know what your days look like, so only have staple pieces that cater to this. The only garments you add should enhance your confidence but still make you feel like you can conquer the world.

The way to make your clothes work harder for you is to space out your outfits accordingly. This means that if you have worn the Laud Pulse Bold Dress on Wednesday, the next time to wear it is the following Saturday. This helps with taking care of your garments because you are not repeating them and you aren’t washing them regularly.

If you consider all of the above-mentioned points, then in no time you will be strutting to your next lunch meeting like every day is fashion week.

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