Due to COVID-19, many of us work remotely from home. Our sense of style has become more functional and relaxed, which means that transitional pieces that go from the couch to a Zoom call, and then a lunch meeting is essential.

Our AW 2021 collection emulates luxurious minimalism with a flair for design and character that creates beautiful sartorial moments from your morning debriefing with a client on Google Meets to your catch-up early dinner session with your best friend.


Our collection celebrates every women’s day-to-day life by creating well crafted garments for classic and luxurious pieces with ease of wear and attention to detail.


All of our garments are made with our illustrious clients in mind. We welcome you to be a part of our growing family.   

AW 2021 Capsule Wardrobe

Experience the full Autumn Winter 2021 Collection in its leisurely luxurious glory

The Unfazed Ensemble

The Unfazed Polo Neck

The Unfazed Pants

The Bold dress

The Bold Dress

The Blissful Kimono

The Blissful Kimono

The Self-Motivated Ensemble

The Self-Motivated Dress

The Self-Motivated Coat

The Overjoyed Ensemble

The Overjoyed Jacket

The Overjoyed Camisole

The Overjoyed Pants

The Daring Ensemble

The Daring Shirt

The Daring Skirt

The Self-Driven Ensemble

The Self-Driven Blouse

The Self-Driven Pants

The Dignified Ensemble

The Dignified Dress

The Rapturous Ensemble

The Rapturous Kimono

The Rapturous Pants

The Devoted Ensemble

The Devoted Shirt

The Devoted Camisole

The Devoted Skirt

The Vivacious Ensemble

The Vivacious Blouse

The Vivacious Pants

The Ecstatic Jumpsuit

The Ecstatic Jumpsuit

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