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Laud Pulse is a premium online fashion boutique for the woman who is powerfully confident in her style and exudes elegance and grace. This innovative and exclusive brand artistically fuses luxurious Western fabrics with a touch of the finest African wax prints to create timeless fashion pieces that do not overwhelm the senses.

Richly textured, luxury African wax prints are subtly blended with premium Western fabrics to add a pop of colour or texture in luxurious designs that delights and complements one’s existing wardrobe.

Bespoke and luxury designs

The Laud Pulse collection consists of handcrafted, ready-to-wear and haute couture garments that are world-class, chic and in limited editions to complement the wardrobe of the world traveler , defining a woman with an impeccable taste for understated luxury and sophisticated designs.

The luxury boutique’s styles are an innovative interpretation of contemporary as well as classic designs by a team of accomplished fashion designers with extensive experience in premium brands.

Each Laud Pulse piece is dynamic, luxurious and bears a promise of high-end quality finishes, while the introduction of a signature opulent African wax print sets . Extra attention is paid to producing creative garments that enhance the silhouette and make bold style statement.

There is a Laud Pulse garment for every occasion from smart casual, elegant cocktail, premium pieces for the office, to exquisite couture outfits.

Laud Pulse is a gift from Africa to the world and stylishly occupies its space alongside some of the world’s leading fashion brands.

Meet the founder

Introducing the elegant executive behind the Laud Pulse.

Through this elegant brand, fashion visionary and owner, Busi Silwanyana –  a global executive – successfully brought a new dimension to African luxury with a global brand that stands, seam to seam, with the very best luxury designs from across the globe.

Through Laud Pulse, Busi encapsulates her great passion for fusing opulent African wax prints with magnificent fabrics to produce statement pieces that complement the wardrobe and are for all occasions.

A corporate executive with global experience in banking and healthcare industries, Busi’s fashion journey began at a very young age – long before she dreamt of venturing into luxury fashion entrepreneurship.


Foundation into style and elegance

The Johannesburg based premium boutique owner was exposed to fashion while growing up in Cape Town – the heart of South Africa’s fashion and textiles that prides itself for housing some of the nation’s cutting edge clothing factories. She was surrounded by stylish men and women from Langa township whose elegant dress sense turned every occasion into a special one.

Busi’s mother was her very first fashion icon. She had a great eye for classic pieces coupled with incredible talent for creating her own bespoke tailored pieces  using her sewing machine that took centre stage on the family’s dining room table. She sewed stylish coats, dresses and suits and always looked elegant in everything she wore.

As a child, Busi was always dressed in beautiful and colourful outfits that were way ahead of their time, owing to her mother’s creativity and impeccable style. Her mom’s style was chic, sophisticated and elegant – the basis of Busi’s personal style.

Going for timeless style over high fashion

Busi’s conscientious journey into luxury fashion began in London at the beginning of her banking career. This adventurous period also provided her opportunities to travel to fashion destinations such as Paris, Italy and the Netherlands where she meticulously began acquiring luxury pieces – among them suits, handbags and shoes. She deliberately steered off mainstream designers, opting for exclusive and timeless pieces that were produced in limited quantities by visionary fashion designers.

When she returned to South Africa, Busi took her style journey a notch higher and consulted a personal image consultant in 2009 to evaluate and overhaul her wardrobe, focusing on introducing colours and silhouettes that complemented her body structure. Thus began her journey of acquiring premium, bespoke tailored garments that were made to fit – an experience that provided the deep rooted values that underpin Laud Pulse.

Venturing into luxury fashion entrepreneurship

Once she decided to venture into fashion design, Busi became an understudy to a director of one of SA’s leading design colleges, to gain insight into the fashion industry and nurture values that underpin Laud Pulse, giving rise to the exclusive signature Spring/Summer 19 Collection.

Laud Pulse key characteristics

Dress the feeling. Chic, elegant, exclusive and luxurious garments offering uncompromising quality.

Laud Pulse empowerment story

Talented young designers are paired with industry leaders and afforded an opportunity to express their creativity and refine their craft on this global, premium brand under strict guidance in Laud Pulse ateliers.

This part of youth development is aimed at empowering talented young professionals to refine their skills in the fashion design industry.

Apart from refining their artistic capabilities, young designers are also exposed to the business side of fashion, in a premium, global brand.

Only highly skilled tailors and seamstresses produce Laud Pulse garments in the labels’ ateliers using world class tailoring techniques.

Our Designers

Our expert and talented Designers working with our team of highly skilled tailors and seamstresses produce Laud Pulse garments in the labels’ ateliers using world class tailoring techniques.

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