Laud Pulse Concept Dress Pink

Luxurious contemporary fabrics with a touch of African wax prints

About Laud Pulse

Laud Pulse is a premium online fashion boutique for the woman who is powerfully confident in her style and exudes elegance and grace. This innovative and exclusive brand artistically fuses luxurious Western fabrics with a touch of the finest African wax prints to create timeless fashion pieces that do not overwhelm the senses.

Richly textured, luxury African wax prints are subtly blended with premium Western fabrics to add a pop of colour or texture in luxurious designs that delights and complements one’s existing wardrobe.


Bespoke and luxury designs

 The Laud Pulse collection consists of handcrafted, ready-to-wear and haute couture garments that are world-class, chic and in limited editions to complement the wardrobe of the world traveler , defining a woman with an impeccable taste for understated luxury and sophisticated designs.

The luxury boutique’s styles are an innovative interpretation of contemporary as well as classic designs by a team of accomplished fashion designers with extensive experience in premium brands.

Each Laud Pulse piece is dynamic, luxurious and bears a promise of high-end quality finishes, while the introduction of a signature opulent African wax print sets . Extra attention is paid to producing creative garments that enhance the silhouette and make bold style statement.

There is a Laud Pulse garment for every occasion from smart casual, elegant cocktail, premium pieces for the office, to exquisite couture outfits.

Laud Pulse is a gift from Africa to the world and stylishly occupies its space alongside some of the world’s leading fashion brands.