The Fierce Ensemble

The Fierce Jacket

The Fierce Blouse

The Fierce Pants

The Enticing dress

The Enticing Dress

The Gentle Ensemble

The Gentle Dress

The Gentle Kimono

The Bright Jumpsuit

The Bright Jumpsuit

The Fearless Ensemble

The Fearless Ensemble Laud Pulse

The Fearless Blouse

The Fearless Skirt

The Elated Jumpsuit

The Elated Jumpsuit Laud Pulse

The Elated Jumpsuit

The Mesmerising Dress

The Mesmerising Dress Laud Pulse

The Mesmerising Dress

The Striking Shirt-Dress

The Striking Shirt-Dress Laud Pulse

The Striking Shirt-Dress

How It Works For Custom-Made Garments

Book your Private Consultation using this link:


At the Private Consultation we will discuss customizing your garments’ design details. Choose colours and fabrics of your choice. Take your measurements

For fitting, we recommend two fitting appointments to achieve perfect fit of your garments.

Quality takes time, please allow 15 working days from your first Private Consultation for your garments to be ready for delivery or collection

We ship for free within South Africa.

We also ship Worldwide